[Snort-users] SSH MISMATCH

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Aren't you using PulledPork? 


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i am trying to turn off this alert in preproc_rules/preprocessor.rules:

#alert ( msg: "SSH_EVENT_PROTOMISMATCH"; sid: 4; gid: 128; rev: 1;
metadata: rule-type preproc, service ssh ;

i commented it out, still it shows up in base.

which leads to another logical question: 

how can one find out where a rule lives in the first place.
i figured out from base if i mouse over the snort portion it states:
128-4 which i figured you can grep 128 goto the file, 4 entries down, find
it that way.

1. is there another easier way to find them?

2. lastly, how can i turn it off 128-4 for good.


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