[Snort-users] Wireless IDS monitoring using Snort

Chuck DiRaimondi charlesd81 at ...11827...
Tue Oct 16 14:41:02 EDT 2012

Stupid question and maybe I'm not thinking properly with regards to my home
network and lab topology...Can Snort be used to monitor both a wired and
wireless home network? In setting up my lab, I was going to place a Netgear
switch after my home router and use port mirroring to capture all the
traffic. So it would go cable modem, router, one cable from router to
switch, then each machine running off the switch, with the sensor being on
a port that is mirroring traffic. I'm assuming then that all traffic going
wirelessly out would be missed because it is skipping the switch where the
sensor is altogether. Am I right? Are there any ways to configure a home
network to use Snort to monitor both wired and wireless traffic?
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