[Snort-users] [snort-site] Problem faced while updating latest snort rule in our customer Infrstructure.

HM, Mohammed Sayeed mohammed.sayeed at ...6440...
Mon Oct 15 14:39:55 EDT 2012

Hi Team,

Could you please assist us here on this issue (mentioned in below inline mail) ?

Environment details:

We are running IDS on the following platform : Red Hat Enterprise Linux (5.0)
Installed snort version is:

Thanks & Regards;

Hi Team,


Recently we had purchased  VRT subscription and Login Id is- (slokesh74 at ...979...131...<mailto:slokesh74 at ...131...>), we are able to update the latest signature ( 2930) on IDS servers but it is not detecting any threat in the production traffic.
I need your support to fix this issue.

Details of subscription.

Number of Sensors: 6
Login ID:  slokesh74 at ...131...<mailto:slokesh74 at ...131...>
Registration Type: VRT Subscription
Expiration Date 10/10/13

Let me know if you need further information.

Thanks & Regards,
ESS ITO DO India Bestshore
+91 80 26111176|+91 9663320463 mobile| s.lokesh at ...6440...<mailto:s.lokesh at ...6440...> |
HP Avenue, Hosur Main Road | Plot No. 39/40 | Bangalore |India-560100

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