[Snort-users] Where's Waldo?

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Thu Oct 11 18:47:23 EDT 2012

I wrote and discarded one reply to this. The first one started out dissing BASE a lot (I was upset with it toward the end), and I realized it was unfair. Here's another try.

You may be right. It still can work, as long as you can put up with its quirks, and are willing to tweak the code a bit. After all, for us, it helped put someone in jail. And yes, there needs to be an IDS learning stage before jumping in the deep end of NSM, and setting up Snort with BASE isn't really all that difficult a thing to do. It's not as easy as it was in the early days, but really, the only new step is Barnyard2; all the rest is nearly unchanged.

Maybe someone will pick BASE up, dust it off, add some new features, and call it SALT. ;)

Shane Castle
Data Security Mgr, Boulder County IT

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BASE is a great place to start out. Maybe when you get everything working
properly then make the switch.

BASE is a viable option, it may not have a developer behind it right now,
but it's viable as a snort console.


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im looking into snorby, since base is dead... thanks

On Thu, 2012-10-11 at 20:58 +0100, Peter Bates wrote:
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> Hello all
> On 11/10/2012 20:29, AllowOverride wrote:
> > just a test, i will clear tables, and close browser, come back in 1 
> > hour increments, and see if that is the issue, it takes an hour to 
> > input new data after base clear table buttons have cleared. im 
> > assume there is a switch in the configs to make it quicker.
> I've never personally looked for the option to clear tables in BASE 
> but I can say I use a script called archivesnort.pl which moves alerts 
> after 7 days to the archive DB and deletes them after 30.
> If that is available with BASE I'd suggest you try that - i.e. 
> modifying the database outside of the web interface - if you can't 
> find it I can post it to the ML.
> That's what we do and I've never seen the problem you're describing.
> Alternatively, why not look at Snorby as a WUI - that has an inbuilt 
> option to trim(*) the database after a fixed number of events.
> * - by trim I mean 'delete oldest events but not the entire contents 
> of the table' - I can't think of a better word.
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