[Snort-users] Extracting snortrules-2931.tar.gz

waldo kitty wkitty42 at ...14940...
Wed Oct 10 15:28:09 EDT 2012

On 10/9/2012 15:19, Jeremy Hoel wrote:
> The link he was using worked fine for me. I tested the get and got the
> rules with no no problem.. with the link he had. His problem is not
> related to a bad link.
> The examples show that you need a file name
> (http://snort.org/snort-rules/cli) and when you go to the page before,
> the main download page (http://snort.org/snort-rules/?), it shows the
> file names. They are not trying to make this overly confusing and
> hard.. but it does require some effort and understanding on the
> installers part. Or, you could sign in and grab them from the gui, or
> use pullpork.  3 different methods to get the rules..

or even oinkmaster with the properly styled older format which still works quite 
well... oinkmaster, too, works quite if you only want a download and rules 
updating tool without all the extras that pulledpork offers ;)

> The examples are generic enough that they don't have to change
> whenever the rule file changes.  Lets let the developers work on
> keeping the software fixed and nor worry about the web page not having
> the most specific instructions.

agreed :)

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