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>> Step 5: Verify that base can login to the db and read the alerts
> its working - but when i clear the data tables on base browser gui, no
> new data is being recorded.

OK.  Base does nothing more than to display what's in the database.  So, if 
you empty the tables of data and no new data shows up, base is doing its 
job.  The problem lies elsewhere.

> i noticed that if i restart the services, or
> restart apache2, it will start displaying again... kinda odd, i would
> have to restart anything,, wonders if base is really the right solution
> at this point, or, maybe there is a switch to flick in it

In order to do fruitful troubleshooting, you have to take one step at a 
time.  Restart one service.  Does base start displaying alerts again?  Then 
that service is the problem.  If you restart several services and base 
starts displaying alerts again, you have no way of knowing which service is 
the problem.

Your problem sounds like one that used to occur with barnyard2 - lost 
connections to the database - but it's hard to tell without knowing which 
service restarts the alerts.

Look at the timestamps and sizes on the snort logs.  Is it continually 
logging?  When the log files turn over, does the new one grow in size?

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