[Snort-users] There appears to be a bug in Base-1.4.5

AllowOverride allowoverride at ...11827...
Tue Oct 9 21:00:01 EDT 2012

thanks for the heads up.... 

On Tue, 2012-10-09 at 20:22 +0000, Castle, Shane wrote:
> Actually, there are lots of bugs in BASE-1.4.5. And, the answer seems to be: nobody. You can go to the web site (http://base.secureideas.net/) and add your bug report to those already there (Under Support/Bug reporting) but it's not really going to be seen by anyone useful, and nothing will come of it.
> Yes, we might as well face it: BASE is dead. It was pretty good while it lasted, and I used it right up until I took the Security Onion pledge. Now my primary tool is the Sguil client and I rarely use Snorby (sorry, Dustin - I just don't like it).
> (Removed snort-team from CC list - they have zero interest in BASE and this is just noise to them.)

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