[Snort-users] There appears to be a bug in Base-1.4.5

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Tue Oct 9 19:11:22 EDT 2012

Hi Dustin,

I'd like all alerts to be "rolled up" into one line like BASE does.  I'd like to be able to have the "unique IP links" per SID view like BASE has.  I didn't see that last time I looked at snorby, maybe that is there and I missed it?

As far as StreamDB/OpenFPC, can you have both of them at the same time?  The lookup API sounds interesting... I'll have to look into that again.  HIPS is SEP, it's a MSSQL database... (there is a possibility to use Symantec System Center and hook into that.)

No, I'd rather use your product-but it didn't fit my requirements at the time, if it does now, that's great!  As far as vulns in BASE, I'm sure there is, but I have it very locked down... I don't let just any computer connect to it-which in my case is an adequate compensating control (among others.)

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What is your "workflow"? I am curious to hear how snorby can't adapt to it. Also, Snorby supports StreaDB and OpenFPC and with the lookup source api in snorby adding CVE queries would be dead simple. Integration with you HIPS is another story since you didn't name the product you use but I bet that likely is already there as well.

If I understood you correctly you are willing to jump start a dead project (mad vulns exist in the code base still un-patched) then commit to a new actively developer project? I'm not sure I understand the logic in this, can you explain more?

- Dustin

On Oct 9, 2012, at 6:43 PM, "Jefferson, Shawn" <Shawn.Jefferson at ...14448...> wrote:

> Who is officially the "maintainer" of BASE now?  Is BASE 2.x still being worked on?
> Personally I like BASE 1.4.5, and have added a few features to my version of it that improves the analyst experience (IMO, and in my network).  I've seen the messages about it being dead, and I've been thinking someone should take it over... (maybe even me, although I'm not a developer by trade, I can hack around in php... someone else would be better, but no one seems to be stepping up to the plate?)  Some support is better than no support I guess?
> Snorby is probably a better option, but at the moment, the "workflow" 
> in Snorby doesn't match my needs (and the fact I've made modifications 
> to add CVE lookup to patch management, StreamDB and OpenFPC lookup, 
> and also correlation with my HIPS product.)
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> Actually, there are lots of bugs in BASE-1.4.5. And, the answer seems to be: nobody. You can go to the web site (http://base.secureideas.net/) and add your bug report to those already there (Under Support/Bug reporting) but it's not really going to be seen by anyone useful, and nothing will come of it.
> Yes, we might as well face it: BASE is dead. It was pretty good while it lasted, and I used it right up until I took the Security Onion pledge. Now my primary tool is the Sguil client and I rarely use Snorby (sorry, Dustin - I just don't like it).
> (Removed snort-team from CC list - they have zero interest in BASE and 
> this is just noise to them.)
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