[Snort-users] Lets talk about ....

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Tue Oct 9 14:55:52 EDT 2012

hello jeremy, thanks for your input, ill consider your thoughts.
i installed seconion and yes it has configs and such to review.
not really my point of what im complaining about. it's the howtos.
have you been following all what i said, or just the last few emails.
in any event, you will notice a reoccurring them. see if you can find
it ;)

i find it funny how you and others write a lot of stuff, like you think
i dont know anything,
how about rather, jump in and help. 

it's called community.

my mentors always helped, im always looking for more.
i found a few here, so.. if you dont mind a few emails with valid
complaints, then 
everything is cool. 

if not, what can i say dude, nothing is quite clear, heck you are even 
pointing me to seconion, thats not a howto, and no new user will be able
to find 
out all the stuff required for all the pieces of the puzzling looking at
a config server.
you kidding? lolol

actually responding this email is a waste of time... ill try not to from
this point forward.
if you feel you know it all just say, pointing people to a man page or
google, well, 
thats not community in my book, nor is it friendly.


are you evil?

ps. Mr. Bates is community :)
pss. who are you? dont bother me, im busy....
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