[Snort-users] Lets talk about ....

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Tue Oct 9 12:08:40 EDT 2012


the key was having unified2 snort.log file work, like i thought

like i said a long time again, in previous emails, doesn't anyone ready
my emails?

i dont like how people say i dont read or research.... stop saying that,
and ready my stuff.. 

someone said its' dribble... sorry i do not have a masters of literature
or english, and i 
have to defend myself, when all i would like is to have a working snort
box again....
like i had since 2003. so if you dont mind, cut the banter and help,
otherwise stay out of it,
no one is forcing you to respond or be witting... 

you know who you are..... 

pete, you are cool. thanks for your help. i wouldn't have made it out
with the suggestions you made.

NOW,,, onto the next programs, snortreport, and... jpgraph, and
hopefully writing some rules finally....

ps. its early here, and really, i cut of a few options in the
snort/barnyard2 confs, unlike the howtos suggested, and well, now it
works. i guess the more i look at the code and options, the more i can
safely turn off, loosing functionality? hmmm prolly not, as i am still
undetermined to run in inline or whatever mode(havent figured that out
yet). I'd like to set up these servers rather quickly, thats my goal, so
i can sell builds to customers here, and yes support them. that is why i
am building a script that will just work, without having all these
issues im going through. a standard snort/barn/pp/sn/jg/etc... server
regardless of the build, tar name. so forth... paths, configs...

wish me luck :)

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