[Snort-users] Introducing Snorby Cloud

Dustin Webber dustin.webber at ...11827...
Mon Oct 8 21:41:26 EDT 2012


I am very excited today to announce my new project Snorby Cloud https://cloud.snorby.org (currently in limited beta). I am working with two others developers on this project to make NSM as simple and convenient as possible to setup.

Some few interesting things:

* We offer precompiled IDS agents - Everything is configured automatically.
* We use SSL certs for all communications with the Snorby cloud server if you want to use your own IDS configuration. They are generated dynamically and can be revoked remotely.
* We will soon be rolling out our own custom full packet capture plugin for the snorby cloud agents.
* We will also be adding HIDS support.

For more information checkout the demo video on https://cloud.snorby.org and the blog post at http://blog.snorby.org

** NOTICE **

We're currently in private beta mode (free of charge for those who want to help gives us feedback on this first iteration of our service), so please sign up and we'll let you know when a space becomes available! 
Snorby cloud is at cost for us and Snorby will remain FREE open source software with all features committed in the snorby master branch at github.com/snorby

Best Regards,

Dustin Willis Webber

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