[Snort-users] One Simple Question ?

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Mon Oct 8 18:40:09 EDT 2012

that was a simple answer,,, i wonder if that helped ibrahim... i pretty
sure the dog picture didnt help him much, 
nor the simple reply by jj...

i think a more valuable answer would have been FIRST to ask if they are
a student... 
then move on to the typical replies, We do not do your home work here...

rather than be community and ask:

Hi ibrahim, well you could first explain a little bit about your
background with snort, is this your first time using out program?
If you have some backgound in Daq, and NFQ, it would be more helpful, as
these concepts can be a bit daunting.

however, if you are up to speed, like most of us wizards with egos the
size of ID, then, 
iptables / ipfw etc... you will need to do NAT or routing through the
one interface kinda thing and use a daq like NFQ..

otherwise, we would be glad to assist you as we ask a few questions, and
with the provided input from you, we can 
better assist you No Problem.

Oh and Welcome to our community, I just noticed this is your first email
we received in the logs, and we surely 
would like to help all new members to this list, not necessarily to
snort in general. Our software has been out there 
for a long time, and it's good to have you here in anyevent....

thanks! have a wonderful day, and look forward to getting your snort box
up and running!

signed, whomever 

there are my 2 bytes

ps. there is no simple question here, but very simple answers usually...
heads up Mr. Lubis
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