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Ninh Khong ninhkhongdang at ...11827...
Fri Oct 5 16:23:47 EDT 2012

Hi Snort-users.

  I am a student at Ho Chi Minh city university of technology (VietNam).
  In my assignment, i have to build a visualization system of IDS. I have
choose Snort IDS for my website. When i created my case study, I didn't
have real data
  So, would you like to share me a log snort IDS (for web). You can get
from your honeypot. Please help me.
  Thank you very much.

Faculty of Computer Science '08
University of Technology
Cell Phone: 0977 475 249
Mail: ninhkhongdang at ...11827...
Y!M : thieugianhangheo_06
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