[Snort-users] mysql error prevails...

AllowOverride allowoverride at ...11827...
Sat Oct 6 16:26:12 EDT 2012

netstat -lpn | grep 3306
tcp        0      0*
LISTEN      2114/mysqld     

you are correct, it is only listening locally, but i am also typing cmds
on the server itself so... i guess that rules out that theory.
unless the barnyard2 conf says, log to for which it
does not, nor does the howtos refer to that.
they state, log locally to localhost which of course is they
do not mention anything about setting you mysql to listen 
at all to port 3306 standard mysql port.

why would i try to log/listen to a socket port like when
the server is logging to itself?

i like your cmd though, thanks. ill add that to my netstat option

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