[Snort-users] mysql error prevails...

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Sat Oct 6 16:19:38 EDT 2012

eric, you are most certainly right, it is trivial, and i have already
connected locally per your suggestion
- no prob.

im starting to think it is what beeph said or.. a perm issues on the
dirs i created. 

anyone please send me:

ls -al /etc/snort
ls -al /var/log/snort
ls -al /var/snort
ls -al /var/log/barnyard2
ls -al /usr/local/bin (include only pulledpork.pl, snort, and barnyard2
ls -al /etc/snort/etc/ or where ever you put your confs including top
level dir

actually please send me anything perm related with ls -al. that would
really help and give me insite as to what things should be
also - groups or perms snort:snort or snort:whatever listing
from /etc/passwd or /etc/groups with ID numbers - again so i can
compare. I don't believe man have defined it differently from the
defaults, these the entries i am concerned with. if you have elaborate
perms and set ups, this is not what i am scripting for, i am scripting
for a very simple non-inline IDS moded
snort/barnyard2/pulledpork/base/snortreport setup that anyone can load
and keep rules up to date... so on so forth...

remember, i simply followed the howtos enclosed:
i am using ubuntu server i386 12.04 LTS.

thanks! take a peek
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