[Snort-users] Send snort alerts via syslog to ArcSight

Pablo Atiaga pablo.atiaga at ...15848...
Mon Oct 1 16:30:37 EDT 2012

Thanks for your answer.

Barnyard is sending all the parameters, the problem is that ArcSight 
don't recognize it as Snort Events. I mean the problem is the following:

  * Vía Snort i can't send any event via syslog. I do the folowing steps:
      o Locate and open the main Snort configuration file to edit:
      o Locate the # syslog section.
      o In the following line, replace <hostipaddress> with your own
        host IP address:
        output alert_syslog: host=<hostipaddress>:514, LOG_AUTH LOG_ALERT
        where <hostipaddress> is the IP address of your syslog host.
      o Start Snort with the -s option; for example:
        C:\Snort>bin\snort -c etc\snort.conf -s

  * On the other hand I try send events using barynard succesfully but
    the format of the events is not recognized by ArcSight. The format
    send from barnyard is as follows:
      o Sep 25 16:59:09 [1:2003195:5] ET POLICY Unusual
        number of DNS No Such Name Responses [Classification:
        Potentially Bad Traffic] [Priority: 2]: {UDP} ->



El 27/09/2012 15:54, beenph escribió:
> On Thu, Sep 27, 2012 at 4:36 PM, Pablo Atiaga
> <pablo.atiaga at ...15848...>  wrote:
>> Hi everyone.
>> I need to send snort alert to ArcSight via syslog, i found a
>> configuration just changing one line in the snort.conf but it doesn't
>> work. I already try sending events with other application and with
>> barnyard and work, but i need to send from snort directly because that's
>> the only way to send all the parameters correctly. I'm using snort
> All parameters?
> I am interested to see which parameters are missing in barnyard2
> v2-1.10 syslog_full output module?
> -elz
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Pablo Alberto Atiaga Galeas
IT Security Specialist
skype: pablo_ati_g

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