[Snort-users] Limit TCP connections

Jan Roes jroes at ...15660...
Tue May 29 03:39:45 EDT 2012

Dear all,

Is it possible with Snort to limit the amount of TCP connections per IP per minute without putting a limit on the total amount of TCP connections?

Some background information:

I work for an independent alarm central/control room. Soon providers will stop with analog connections so we'll have to switch all devices to IP. We want to use this transition to improve our service (end-to-end test happens now standard once every day) to end-to-end tests every 5 min. But alarm devices are known to have a technical hick-up once in a while which makes them to try to connect more then they should. Which may put the server under (too much) stress. It's not possible to limit the total amount of TCP connections since if a few are acting up, the amount of TCP connections will be saturated and a real alarm might be dropped. At this moment we have about 15k devices connected.

Kind regards,

Jan Roes
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