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> Are these non-university machines on a guest VLAN
...kind of.   A few years ago we had the opportunity to completely redesign our network structure.  We adopted the following VLan scheme


BB = building number (arbitrarily assigned by yours truly)
XX = workstations

We have separate VLans for faculty/staff and students as well as voice and NAC, etc. ... all for each building.

> have you checked out the Security Onion distro?
I had not seen that distro, it looks promising though.  I will most certainly look into it, THANKS!

As for the BPF filter, that seems like an excellent idea if we find our boxes have trouble keeping up, hopefully they won't but you never know.

Thank you for the info.

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Apologies, meant to reply to list.

On 22-05-2012 02:49, Sallee, Stephen (Jake) wrote:

> ... what are you trying to achieve...

We are indeed trying to protect our LAN from internal threats.  We have a well-protected internet facing edge but as a university we have a few thousand non-university owned assets that access our network every day.  Once these devices are on my network they have bypassed my armored edge and are able to poke away at my soft belly ... I don't like that.

Are these non-university machines on a guest VLAN ? If they are, then a BPF filter on Snort can help cut down the 'trusted' traffic. This means your i3 Dells might be sufficient for the workload.

As far as deploying this over 50+ buildings are concerned have you checked out the Security Onion distro ?

Hope that helps,

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