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Tue May 22 03:56:06 EDT 2012

Apologies, meant to reply to list.

On 22-05-2012 02:49, Sallee, Stephen (Jake) wrote:
> > ... what are you trying to achieve...
> We are indeed trying to protect our LAN from internal threats.  We 
> have a well-protected internet facing edge but as a university we have 
> a few thousand non-university owned assets that access our network 
> every day.  Once these devices are on my network they have bypassed my 
> armored edge and are able to poke away at my soft belly ... I don't 
> like that.

Are these non-university machines on a guest VLAN ? If they are, then a 
BPF filter on Snort can help cut down the 'trusted' traffic. This means 
your i3 Dells might be sufficient for the workload.

As far as deploying this over 50+ buildings are concerned have you 
checked out the Security Onion distro ?

Hope that helps,

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