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Mon May 21 15:37:39 EDT 2012

Hello all!

I work for a small private university and we are looking into deploying snort for monitoring our internal network.

We have 50+ buildings on campus and the idea is to place a single snort box in each building and have it sniff the uplink traffic, then report back to our NAC system (Packetfence).  The goal was to be able to use some of our older desktops (Dell 960s) as kind of snort nodes with no keyboard, mouse or monitor.

We would prefer to be able to manage all of these distributed snort boxes from a single place or at least from a web GUI on each box.

#1. Am I way off base thinking about using snort this way?
#2. What kind of tools exist to manage multiple snort boxes?
#3. Am I missing something crucial that would make me look like an idiot when I go to set this up?

I have other questions but I will not spam the list with them all at once.  Please let me know your ideas and or suggestions.

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