[Snort-users] daq <type> for inline mode

Eddie BRUGGEMANN eddie-bruggemann at ...15643...
Sun May 20 02:05:16 EDT 2012

Hello the Snort Users,
I take snort in the hand to let him work as an ips with the inline mode: i get the version from the Ubuntu repository like libnet and daq and wenn i try to run snort in inline mode an fatal error appear to prevent me that snort can't find the daq with the nfq, ipq daq types. the ipwf type work but by stopping snort with crtl+c i get this traceback:
Can't acquire (-1) - ipfw_daq_acquire: can't select divert socket (Interrupted system call)
the dump daq type work without problems but isn't made for inline mode about the snort manual.
I think the best packets acquire type (--daq type) for Ubuntu is nfq but wenn trying with it i get this traceback:
ERROR: Can't find nfq DAQ!
Fatal Error, Quitting..
and i can't compile the daqs from source: the ./configure works but not the make.
If someone know how to patch this problem thank's to answers.
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