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Fri May 11 12:39:06 EDT 2012

On May 11, 2012 12:10 PM, "Adam Orton" <Adam.Orton at ...15637...>
> Hey Guys,


> I am currently running 2 snort sensors, both of which have their own
standalone SQL DB and BASE GUI installed.
> Is there a best practise way of dragging both sets of alert data back to
one central location and viewing with a GUI such as BASE?

ACID and BASE have pretty much been superseded by better tools honestly...
have a look at Squil for a more modern solution:

In particular have a look at:


There are other examples of "better Snort GUIs," this was just one off the
top of my head. ACID and BASE are like using an old manual push mower to
cut your lawn, when you can have a John Deere riding mower for free... the
push mower would get the job done, but wouldn't you rather be wheeling
around on a riding mower, with a beer in the cup holder?

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