[Snort-users] SnortSAM and Cisco Nexus

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Fri May 11 09:01:41 EDT 2012


We are using SnortSAM to perform null routes on our IOS routers
(cisconullroute2).  We recently added a Nexus 7000 to the list of routers
to have the null route performed on and SnortSAM is unable to connect and
perform the appropriate action.  Telnet is working properly from the
SnortSAM host, and the username/password are verified correct.  In the
SnortSAM log, we see the message:

cisconullroute2, Error: [cisconullroute2] Did not receive a response
waiting for user logon prompt from router at %ip address%!

Has anyone been able to get SnortSAM to work with a Cisco Nexus device?

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