[Snort-users] Preprocessor and decoder rules

Jefferson, Shawn Shawn.Jefferson at ...14448...
Mon May 7 12:29:29 EDT 2012


I'm trying to use the pre-processor and decoder rule files to comment out some of the pre-processer and decoder rules I'm not interested in seeing alerts for.  I compiled with -enable-sourcefire and the rules are being loaded in my snort.conf.  However, during the load of snort I am getting these messages (for each GID/SID):

WARNING: /etc/snort/rules/preprocessor.rules(2) GID 105 SID 1 in rule duplicates previous rule. Ignoring old rule.#012

So, what am I doing wrong?  Commenting out the rules doesn't work, since it seems they are being defined somewhere else.

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