[Snort-users] Rules

Amit B amn0p at ...14399...
Mon Mar 26 21:20:49 EDT 2012

I am using Snort 2.9.2 and pulledpork to pull latest paid subscription rulesets. I am just curious with preprocessor and decorder alerts disabled I was wondering how many rulesets are actually active to alert me on security events. Pulledpork gives following stats
Rule Stats....
        Enabled Rules:----2803
        Dropped Rules:----0
        Disabled Rules:---9571
        Total Rules:------12374
I am guessing  2803 rules are actually enabled (rules and so rules combined). Please correct me if I am wrong. 
So does Snort enable only priority rules and disables rules that were written to catch old/older attacks/issues/risks? Just wondering how Snort priorities signatures in its every release. Are these signatures enough to catch most common anomalies or issues, is the number comparable to what other vendors release?

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