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Mon Mar 19 08:04:39 EDT 2012

Dear All, 

I am new to snort and trying to install in VirtualBox. i am following this Snort on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS installation guide by David Gullet. I have two virtual machine in VirtualBox like one is A and second is B. I follow all commands and install all packages in virtual machine  A. after download and install Snort section an other user Snort is created in Virtual machine A. after that in download and install Snort rules section he said, I need to install rules in IDS machine. here i am getting confuse where should I install these rules? Because I can not log in  Snort user that was created aromatically after installing snort. and can you please guide me why i am not be able to login in Snort user. I will be very thankful for guide.

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