[Snort-users] Issues with snort on FC13 x64

Jahchan, George snort at ...8052...
Thu Mar 8 04:32:15 EST 2012

I have compiled snort from source on FC13 x86_64 with libpcap 1.1.1
and I am experiencing several issues the likes of which I have never seen
before, and I have been running earlier versions of snort for years.

1. High CPU utilization whenever snort generates alerts (between 80 and
100% of a CPU core).

2. The date/time in csv output file is random. All other logging is
disabled except for alerts in syslog which have the correct time stamp.

3. If I enable logging, snort logs to an endless number of 240 MB files
that quickly end up occupying all free space on disk. This is unsustainable
for any length of time, I had to disable all logging to run snort.

Are these particular to my setup? Anyone encountered such anomalous

How do I diagnose and resolve these issues?
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