[Snort-users] react when running daq nfq inline

Davor Šerfez dserfez at ...11827...
Tue Mar 6 15:29:05 EST 2012

trying to run snort ( in inline mode with nfq as daq type, 
iptables FORWARD chain configured with NFQUEUE target, the packets are 
analyzed, allowed ones pass, but when rule contains the 'react' option;
- alert is logged
- packet seem dropped (tcp retransmisions from client)
- the html (default nor configured) is sent back to the client.

When snort is stopped, the "Packet I/O Totals:" shows that there were 
injected packets, but capturing on ethernet interfaces does not snow any 
of the alleggedly injected packets.

I couldn't find any helpful informationin the documentation.

Anyone willing to help with a piece of wisdom and knowledge?


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