[Snort-users] snort not detecting skype

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Tue Jul 10 13:37:12 EDT 2012

Hi, I have used snort on a old system where snort 2.8.3 well detect snort with p2p.rules sigs
I done a new machine with fedora 17 64 with snort

I loaded p2p rules and even compared with old ones, I have http inspect activated as I have some message from snort
inside syslog where say (http_inspect)

I loaded other rules from ET and Bleeding but no chance to have skype detected ! I have log of different items but not skype

I use last squid as proxy on that machine, its port is listed inside http_ports and I have messages for targeting IP or flash or other issue
snort could find but not what I need

what is wrong?

It could be the new skype or latest openssl 1.0.1c 

please help

I even loaded decode and another rule file from preproc as decode.rules and one another

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