[Snort-users] start error snort Dynamicplugin Error.

Patrick Mullen pmullen at ...1935...
Mon Feb 27 09:47:14 EST 2012

> message: FATAL ERROR: DynamicPlugin: Rule [3:109] not enabled in configuration.

You are correct that that looks like an issue of using the wrong
shared object rules for a given version of snort, but there is no sid
109 in the shared object ruleset.  Are you using someone else's module

> Snort:
> Rule: snortrules-snapshot-2921

This part is correct, but that doesn't explain where gid 3 sid 109
([3:109]) came from.  Try deleting all rules files (for both shared
objects and text rules) and reinstalling the rule packs.  It's also
possible, and perhaps more likely, that it's actually one of your text
rules files is erroneously specifying a shared object rule to load
that doesn't exist.



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