[Snort-users] BASE and Snorby running together

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It's just a way of viewing the data.

Unique Alerts shows a list of alerts triggered, the time and the number of events, drilling down into a particular alert, you can then click "Unique IP Links" and get a listing of the unique src-dest IPs.  Typically this is only a couple of IP links.

I didn't see this in Snorby on the web demo, at least, not that was immediately obvious.  It looked like a giant list of all events (each event a line in the GUI, even though there are the same src to dest IP.)

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Can you elaborate on what you mean by "Unique IP Links" and "Unique Alerts"?

Do you mean unique signatures/rules or does BASE do event correlation now based on event attributes? If not.. then this would be the signature listing in snorby.. but either way it's pretty pointless.

Unique IP Links. not sure what this means.. but if you mean unique IP's snorby generates metrics for unique src/dst every 30 mins.. every day. Click the pie chart to drill into the events for that address.

Either way, can you explain to me why this information is so critical someone would use Snorby in conjunction with BASE.

- Dustin

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On the demo, I noticed that Snorby didn't seem to have the same functionality as the "Unique IP Links", and "Unique Alerts" that BASE has?  Maybe I just missed how to view alerts in that way?

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Just curious.. What are the features that snorby does not have? Last time I checked snorby shadowed BASE in every area and then some.

- Dustin

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Shane, have you tried sguil with squert?
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