[Snort-users] BASE and Snorby running together

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Wed Feb 22 14:57:59 EST 2012

The only thing that you can do is try, I know that this has been done
before but I don't know how well the delete etc.. worked... I know that it
displayed the data as expected though.


On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 10:03 AM, Castle, Shane
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> I'd like to try running BASE and Snorby (using Security Onion platform)
> together against the same database. I'm thinking that I only have to add
> the database tables peculiar to BASE:
> acid_ag
> acid_ag_alert
> acid_event
> acid_ip_cache
> base_roles
> base_users
> I realize this is probably simplistic and there could be issues, such as
> deleting alerts in BASE will probably not delete all the alert data in all
> the tables. If anyone has done this dual setup successfully and has
> warnings or errors to avoid I'd like to know.
> I might have to modify the BASE code to run successfully this way. Please,
> no evangelizing of Snorby over BASE; I just like a lot of the features
> available in BASE that are not there in Snorby (or if they are I can't seem
> to find them). OTOH there are a lot of BASE issues that drive me nuts and
> make me wish for an active support group.
> And yes, I know this is probably a lost cause. I'd like to try anyway.
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