[Snort-users] Barnyard2 - CYGWIN - Windows Compile

Michael Steele michaels at ...9077...
Sun Feb 19 16:04:36 EST 2012

I've tried to leave a message with Firnsy, and a message in one of the
Google groups about getting this compiled, but no response.

I'll post in her to see if things can get cleared up. It appears that
Barnyard2 can be compiled for use with Windows, using CYGWIN as the


I've checked out the latest code and  it does look like all the necessary
bits have been added to do this.

I've never used CYGWIN to compile. Suricata provides a guide on how to
compile for Windows. Barnyard2 should be doing this, but doesn't.

Is there anyone that can help in getting this compiled for use in Windows? I
will create a guide, and get it out to the masses so hopefully it will clear
up any confusion on how to do this in the future 

Kindest regards,

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