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Jagan Mohan Reddy D jagan.mohan507 at ...11827...
Tue Feb 14 07:23:03 EST 2012

I am runing snort on WIN XP

I am executing snort with Mysql.....

While runing snort on win XP, i got the following error...

C:\snort\bin> snort -c C:\Snort\etc\snort.conf

[ Number of patterns truncated to 20 bytes: 1012 ]
pcap DAQ configured to passive.
Acquiring network traffic from
Decoding Ethernet
ERROR: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My
.1.2\src\output-plugins\spo_unified2.c(302) Could not open log/merged.log:
No such file or directory
Fatal Error, Quitting..

I am unable to locate the that path in my system...

whats wrong with my Snort....?

Can any one reply me.....

Thanks & records
D J M Reddy
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