[Snort-users] Extracting Snort alerts from DB

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Tue Dec 18 07:03:42 EST 2012

If you're thinking of using db schema 107 (the usual one) you loose.
The packet is not stored anywhere in the database.
It is chopped up in bits and pieces that are stored all over the place.

You'll have to write a script that glue all those pieces together again, 
put them in the correct place in the packet and add a correct pcap-header.

There are missing bits of the packet, so your glued-together-packet will 
not have correct checksums.
You also have to deal with offsets/values that need special 
treatment, e.g be converted before appended/inserted into the new packet.

In short:
I recommend you to extract the full packet as-is directly from the 
unified2 file or from the pcap-file that barnyard2 create instead of 
gluing together the chopped pieces from the database.


On Tue, 18 Dec 2012, Peter Bates wrote:

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> Hello all
> Not strictly a Snort problem but I've
> been posting to snort-users since 2000 so hopefully
> someone might take pity on me.
> Running multiple instances of Snort, so the easiest output
> is to a DB (MySQL in this case) via Barnyard2 - and using the
> standard Snort DB schema.
> In the past I'd log to pcap files and look through those, but
> only having the database, what I'd like to do is a SELECT for
> all events which match a particular SID - or possibly a source IP.
> In that SELECT I'd also like the packet contents - which I can try
> and decode.
> Obviously I can look in BASE (or similar) but it's not the quickest
> interface for looking at the packet contents of 1000+ alerts.
> Has anyone with vastly superior SQL-fu done anything similar?
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