[Snort-users] Best practice for logging alerts to syslog

Tony Robinson deusexmachina667 at ...11827...
Sat Dec 15 22:11:41 EST 2012


Wanted to ask a question regarding what is best practice for snort to log
alerts to syslog -- is it the better practice to have snort itself, via
snort.conf handle this, or should barnyard2 be installed, snort configured
to log to unified 2 and barnyard 2 handle logging to syslog? I'm asking
because the next thing I'd like to do for autosnort is offer a
configuration option to log to syslog (for SIEM integration to something
like splunk, graylog2, etc.) if the user wasn't interested in a web
front-end and wanted to know what the accepted/best practice was here.

Thanks in Advance,


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