[Snort-users] NIDS on large (>500MB) pcap dumps

Steve Marotta smarotta at ...16014...
Fri Dec 14 17:41:36 EST 2012

Okay, so I found an old copy of Snort and got it running. At least, it seems to be. The summary looks correct. Now what I'd really like is a text file containing a list of events as they occur in my pcap dump. I've got a log file but it appears to be binary. As for what constitutes an event, I suppose an intrusion attempt, a normal transaction, any sort of high-level event that's more than just a list of individual packets would be nice.

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Thanks to everyone for the responses. I compiled Snort from source (I had originally installed using Ubuntu apt-get), configuring it with --enable-large-pcap. I downloaded rule set 2930 and set it up, configured the snort.conf file, and when I try to run it now, I get:

ERROR: The dynamic detection library "/usr/local/snort/lib/snort_dynamicrules/imap.so" version 1.0 compiled with dynamic engine library version 1.16 isn't compatible with the current dynamic engine library "/usr/local/snort/lib/snort_dynamicengine/libsf_engine.so" version 1.17.
Fatal Error, Quitting..

Both of these files are in the same rule set that I downloaded. I can understand a conflict between two different things that I've installed, but a conflict between two items in one package is puzzling.

So I'm figuring that the issue is that I installed Snort version 2.9.4 but could only get rulesets for 2.9.3.x. I'm looking around for an older version of Snort so I can use the only rules I can get access to, and I can't seem to find anywhere that lets me download or Am I missing something?

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