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I've tried e-mailing the list before with not one response, but here it goes again:

I'm trying to implement a snort IDS with add-ons in a RHEL 6.3 x86 VMWare server.  I need to get snort, mysql, barnyard2, snorby, and pulled pork all working together.  The problem, is that guides are either made for just snort/mysql install, or for a different OS like Ubuntu, or for an old version of snort, or for other 3rd party software, or are telling you some sort of db configuration schema script to run that doesn't exist where it says it should (later finding out it came with barnyard2 instead of the snort package) so I've no help from any of the so-called "setup" or "configuration" guides.  I've got snort, mysql, barnyard2 and pulled pork installed at the moment, but nothing is working together.  Pulled pork has errors, but I believe the last I left it, was downloading rules, snort doesn't output to barnyard2 or barnyard2 isn't writing to the mysql database, I have no idea.  I've never set up an IDS before, never messed with the CPAN or perl stuff, and honestly was expecting some rpm files to install and an hour or so on some of the configuration scripts.  I'm pulling my hair out over this right now, as my work time to implement this doesn't allow the hours and hours and hours I apparently would need to spend scouring the internet's furthest reaches for correct and proper information pertaining to the operating system used and all add-ons, however, believe me, I've spent countless hours already trying to do just that.  I've kind of given up just a bit in the last couple of weeks because I can't find any good useful information on this particular setup.

Has anyone ever set this up on a RHEL 6 installation with the additional utilities I've listed, and can help me?

Thank you,

Mark A. Cass
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