[Snort-users] MS12-063 Rule Triggering

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Wed Dec 12 17:45:48 EST 2012

Let me start this off with saying I'm a relative noob when it comes to analyzing rules and exactly how they are getting triggered. I'm not sure the best avenue on going about asking this question so bear with me. \\

With that said I have the MS12-063 rule enabled, I can successfully exploit this vulnerability on the monitored network going through the sensors (using the standard metasploit module). However an event/alert never triggers. The sensors appear to be catching other misc things (just in case it was an overall problem with the sensor). I've taken a packet capture of the traffic and found all the keywords in the rule in the tcp stream, I haven't drilled down far enough to actually be sure that all the other parameters would allow for the rule to trigger.

I imagine the issue could lie in many different places, but are there any specific global configuration settings that might make this happen? Where would I want to start looking? Please note that I'm using the Sourcefire 3D sensors with a defense center.

Appreciate it,


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