[Snort-users] Problem with starting snort

Nguyen, Manh Hieu Trung trungnmh08 at ...16007...
Thu Dec 13 03:22:32 EST 2012

 Hi all, 

 I installed snort following this guide
on VirtualBox 4.2.0. 

 I have already finished with MySQL and Barnyard2.
But I faced a problem while trying to start Snort. These are the messages:

 #service snortd start 

 Starting snort: Spawning daemon child... 

daemon child 1615 lives... 

 Daemon parent exiting (0)    After that I
tried to restart it and there was "no process found". Does it mean the
snort can be started ?  Could you please help me to overcome this issue.   
Thank you in advance, looking hearing from your reply soon.    Best
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