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>> Hello
>> We are trying to implement a project using SNORT tool. It is a client
>> –server communication system. On receiving the packet from a system which
>> has a worm, the snort tool in the server needs to detect the address of the
>> client  from which the packet was sent and also  reject the packet. The
>> server needs to get the information regarding the IP address of the client,
>> the file name of the rejected packet and also a confirmation that the
>> packet has been rejected.
> What is that you are looking in the packet which signifies worm activity ?
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> hai...
    Thankx  for your responds..
 we only need the IP address of the client who send worm affected packet,
also want to get the file name of th rejected packet with confirmation,
from the snort tool. we don't want all the details regarding  data
transmission in LAN with and without affected packets..
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