[Snort-users] Announcement: WinSnort.com now supports 64bit

Michael Steele michaels at ...9077...
Mon Dec 10 21:06:25 EST 2012


On December 12, 2012 Winsnort.com will officially support 64bit solutions
for all its Windows Intrusion Detection Systems (WinIDS) guided installs.
While Windows is still waiting on a 64bit version of snort from the
SourceFire team, patience has always been a virtue :)

In the last several months all the Windows Intrusion Detection System
(WinIDS) free guided installs have been amended to, and tested on these
64bit operating systems. 

* Windows XP Professional (SP3)
* Windows 7 Professional (SP1)
* Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition (SP2)
* Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition (SP2)
* Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition

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