[Snort-users] Fixes for autosnort users as well as all Debian 6 and CentOS 6.3 snort report users

waldo kitty wkitty42 at ...14940...
Sun Dec 2 14:03:17 EST 2012

On 12/2/2012 12:23, Tony Robinson wrote:
> No worries, Waldo sorry if I came off as defensive or terse in my responses.


> So what this boils down to is, if I were to do a search for all "<?" strings,
> and either via sed or other means, modified all instances of "<?" to "<?php"
> would that resolve the need to change the short_open_tags option in php.ini?

kinda pretty much, yes... but i'd search for "<? " and change it to "<?php "... 
other than XML, i'm not aware of anything else that uses "<?" as its first two 
starting characters... other languages use other short tags but not "<? " TTBOMK...

one might then see if they can get it reported back to the maintainers and see 
if they'll fix it up in any new code they generate...

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