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Wed Aug 29 16:57:08 EDT 2012

Makes sense and honestly now that I think about it I probably won't want the remote snortbox to send an email plus the log file is in unified2 format.

I have several snortboxes talking to a central location and I have Snorby up and running on a central server so I probably just need Snorby to somehow send me an alert based on an event into the database.

Right now Snorby sends past reports but I'm also looking for a feature where the notifications can be more immediate.

I started to think about the snortbox doing this immediate notification in email but it is already notifying by entering into the central mysql db.  I just need this central db box running Snorby to kick off an email given a specific gid or sid.

If Snorby isn't it for immediate or specific gid notifications i just need to find that add-on that can do it.

Thanks again Joel,

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Is snort capable of sending emails based off of alerts or is that something that should be handled by an add-on like swatch?

If snort is capable where is the config for sending emails?

It's definitely an add-on.  Snort does not contain this native capability.  Snort is an IDS, not an email generation program. :)

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