[Snort-users] Pulled Pork

Nicholas Horton fivetenets at ...14399...
Tue Aug 28 12:19:12 EDT 2012

Not sure if I understand my own question perfectly but I'm wondering if it's possible to not extract rules on all my field systems.

More specifically is it good practice or doable to have pulled pork running on a development system in my lab and then just push out snort.rules, local.rules, so_rules.rules, sid-msg.map, threshold.conf, and snort.conf to the field systems?

Snort.conf would point to those files obviously.

This would allow only a single system to manage my rules but all others would take advantage and have less overhead.

Plus I could test these new rules on this development system before they are pushed out to field sites.

If that is the whole idea behind pulled pork I apologize. I'm just not sure if it has to run on the local snortbox or not.


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