[Snort-users] PulledPork modifysid issue

Joel Esler jesler at ...1935...
Fri Aug 24 13:11:28 EDT 2012

On Aug 24, 2012, at 12:53 PM, "Castle, Shane" <scastle at ...14946...> wrote:

> I am using the PulledPork distributed with Security Onion, but I have verified that there is no difference between this version and 0.6.1 in the modifysid area. My issue is that I can't get any modifysid.conf line that refers to an IP address to work. For example:
> 2402001 "\/24," ""
> Rewriting it without the "\", adding "\" before all the dots, or anything, results in the line being ignored by PP as far as I can tell. Turning $Verbose to 2 shows what sids are modified, and the sid I want modified is not listed. Changing the sid to "*" has no effect, either. (BTW, the modify_sid sub seems not to like prefixing "1:" to the sid.)
> I suspect the two regexes after the "while" in the modify_sid sub, but my examination of them yields no insights. My alternative is to disable the sids, and unless there is a quick fix that's what I'll have to do.


I'd suggest filling a bug here:


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