[Snort-users] turnkey snort system?

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This is a good start.  Thanks!

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Hm...ok.  I guess that's not at all clear.  Somehow I guess I expected to see pictures and specs of actual boxes.

While trying to do my research I did glance over the page you referenced, but it comes across as so much marketing-techno-speak.  The link to 'buy sourcefire products' is simply a sales contact form.

As the elderly lady used to say, "where's the beef?" 8)

Is there a link to what boxes/hardware/interfaces/etc are offered, technical specs, and how much they cost (ballpark is fine) ?


Hiya Scada;

http://www.sourcefire.com/resources/products - should provide some good info for you.  I'm able to read the PDF's without having to fill out any forms.  Check it out.   I'm not sure if any of these spec sheets contain price ranges, but I'm sure you could request a contact from sales for a "No-BS, No Hard-Sale" quick quote.   Hope this helps.

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