[Snort-users] turnkey snort system?

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Hm...ok.  I guess that's not at all clear.  Somehow I guess I expected to see pictures and specs of actual boxes.

While trying to do my research I did glance over the page you referenced, but it comes across as so much marketing-techno-speak.  The link to 'buy sourcefire products' is simply a sales contact form.

As the elderly lady used to say, "where's the beef?" 8)

Is there a link to what boxes/hardware/interfaces/etc are offered, technical specs, and how much they cost (ballpark is fine) ?


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On Wed, Aug 22, 2012 at 12:34:20PM -0800, MLP SCADA wrote:
> Does Sourcefire (or a reputable anyone else) make turnkey snort collectors and sensors that I can just stick in racks and configure and go?  As part of the turnkey package I expect it to include rulesets and subscriptions.
> I've examined Sourcefire's website, but it looks like they sell services, and their only contact is to a sales contact page.  (I'm an engineer and a techno.  Got no use for salesmen.  Sorry.)
> Thanks!

That's exactly what we do!


Joel Esler

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