[Snort-users] SNORT (snortsam) integration with Checkpoint NGX R65

Chiesa Stefano Stefano.Chiesa at ...15753...
Mon Aug 20 03:40:21 EDT 2012

Hello all.
Now I have a snort (snort, pulledpork, barnyard2, snorby) installation
working and I'd like to start thinking about CP integration.

I know, Sourcefire has been bought by CP years ago and probably their
new IDS is based on snort code...
The forums.snort.org does not work any more (Error 500)... On the
Checkpoint support site nothing at all...

Can someone suggest me a whitepaper, a procedure or something to help me
in the integration?

I also read somewhere that snort could send a RST packet to source and
destination to drop a connection as alternative to fw ip blocking.
Anyone can clarify this point?

Thanks to all in advance.


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