[Snort-users] problem with using snort to log in MS SQL server on another machine

Asieh Mokarian amokarian at ...131...
Thu Aug 9 08:20:39 EDT 2012


I want to compile an instance of snort on a linux based system, but I want to compile it to log packets on a MS-SQL server on a remote machine which is windows based and is in the same lan with my snort machine.
I used ./configure --with-mssql --with-odbc option when compiling snort but it didn't recognized  mssql  option. However after compiling snort I used below line in snort.conf file, but it couldn't connect. 
output database: alert,  mssql, user=snort password=1111 test dbname=snort host=

How should I compile or configure a linux based snort to log on a MSsql server on a remote windows based machin?

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